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Publish a beautiful survey in seconds using the webs #1 survey maker

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15 Million+ Surveys Since 2003

How to Make a Survey in Minutes

  1. Add your Questions above. Hit add question and choose a type of question to add. Enter your question and answer info.
  2. Customize your Style. Hit Themes to choose from one of 41 existing styles or hit Create to add your own artistic flair.
  3. Hit Share and Publish . Hit share and your survey is ready to go. Add an email and password to login and manage your results

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Survey Maker Free?

We offer both free and paid options when using Survey Maker. You don't even need to signup in many instances. You may checkout our plans and options here.

Do I need to signup to use Survey Maker?

Our free version is limited to 25 responses, we also offer paid options. We do recommend providing an email and password. This will allow you to login to the Dashboard manage your existing survey, export results and much more

How does Survey Maker compare to Survey Monkey?

Survey Maker Survey Monkey
Founded 2003 1999
Free Version Yes No
Question Types 20+ 12
Picture Questions Question & Answer Question Only
Email Notifications Yes Yes
Reporting Fully Customizable w/Filters Fully Customizable w/Filters
Types Surveys/Polls/Quizzes Surveys Only
Plans Monthly/Yearly Yearly
Themes 40+ 8

Can I add pictures and video to my Survey?

We support picture and video questions. Simply click the image icon on a question or answer and you'll see the advanced editor which allows you to upload both images and link to videos.

Can I see Survey Examples?

You can view a range of survey templates here.

How do I make an online Survey?

Simply add your questions above in the editor. Browse through various tabs to control the look, feel and behaviour of your survey. Hit the Share tab when you're ready to view your Survey.

Why should I use Survey Maker?

It's simple, with our online survey maker you'll spend your time focussing on results and less time fiddling with survey creators. A 15 question survey takes a few minutes from creation to results collection. No programming, no training or pouring through support articles just point and click. Question logic, integration and automated reminders all that stuff is easy, you've totally got this.

How do I make my Survey a success?

  1. Keep it short, do not ask questions you do not absolutely need to. Your survey should take less than 15 minutes with shorter being optimal.
  2. Personalize and pre-contact your recipients. Personalized email invitations addressing respondents by name yield significantly higher response rates.
  3. Multiple choice questions yield higher response rates than open ended text questions
  4. Conduct experiments, test variants of your survey. Change titles, questions and invitiations to see what works
  5. Use incentives if your data collection needs allow
The simplicity of the platform has allowed us to focus on insights and learning from feedback. We've seen higher response rates and engagement which has led to greater confidence in our data.
Marissa Aveyard
Smiling Survey Maker Customer in Blue Sweater
Laptop showing Survey results dashboard

Find Business Gems

Identify business opportunities

Want to filter results and see only responses from people saying they were 'extremely dissatisfied' with the service department? How about grouping results by department and age of the respondent? Solving these problems is simple with results segmenting and grouping. You can of course export to PDF, Google sheets and more but you likely won't need to. The point of conducting a survey is to make better informed business decisions, being able to easily find actionable information is critical.

Make a Beautiful Survey in 3:45

In 2003 two computer nerds with an obsessive eye for detail and fixation on design were tasked with creating an online survey for a finance company. After countless hours coding management requested changes which meant we'd have to start from scratch. From our frustration was born an idea that would make crafting beautiful online surveys as easy and as smooth as possible. Friends and then friends of friends loved the platform so much that it evolved into what we hope will help you with your online survey. The average 9 question survey takes 3:45 to create, far less than the month we initially spent.


Superpower Response Rates

The biggest issue with online surveys is response rates. Over the last decade they've declined to approximately 10%! We don't want you investing your time in building a survey only to have no one respond. There are subtle techniques and tricks which help to improve response rates which we've implemented into our platform by default. We see an average of 34% higher response rates with these defaults. Add your questions and hit the share tab, you'll be utilizing over 15 years of research into optimizing and extracting every single response.

Look Good Doing It

We're embarrassed to admit the time we've spent making our surveys pixel perfect. Our team of designers have crafted minimalist elegant themes that not only impress but convert to higher response rates. Create a survey that looks absolutely stunning with our 40+ default themes or add your own artistic flair with our point and click editor. We've got every question type, very simple but flexible reporting and just about everything else you would expect after 15 million+ surveys. It's why our platform is the #1 rated free survey maker and why we've been powering the biggest online surveys since 2003.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee, No Catches

Create your survey above now without having to signup for anything. If you love it then get started by beginning a 14 day free trial. You get full unrestricted access during your 14 days and if you don't love it you don't have to pay a thing. No catches.

Connect to Everything

It shouldn't increase your workload

You might simply want to be notified by email each time someone completes your survey or you may want to identify when participants respond with certain answers to identify important business priorities. Both are a click away via the integrate tab of our free survey maker.

Integrate into your website

Your survey can look and feel exactly like a part of your website but be managed within our dashboard. This means you can also utilize our free online survey maker anytime you need to listen to your visitors, add a feedback form to your website that includes question logic or simply as a polling tool.

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In our agency we create multiple surveys a day and we've used all the major platforms. You guys are the fastest and have saved us countless hours"
Dr Sharon Xuereb
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