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Make a Beautiful Survey in Minutes

Publish a beautiful survey in seconds using the webs #1 survey maker

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  1. Add your Questions above. Hit add question and choose a type of question to add. Enter your question and answer info.
  2. Add your Artistic Flair. Hit Themes to choose from one of 41 existing styles or hit Create to add your own.
  3. Hit Share and Publish Hit share and your survey is ready to go. Add an email and password to login and manage your results

15 Million+ Surveys Since 2003

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Survey Maker Free?

We offer both free and paid options when using Survey Maker. You don't even need to signup in many instances. You may checkout our plans and options here.

Do I need to signup to use Survey Maker?

Our free version is limited to 25 responses, we also offer paid options. We do recommend providing an email and password. This will allow you to login to the Dashboard manage your existing survey, export results and much more

How does Survey Maker compare to Survey Monkey?

Survey Maker Survey Monkey
Founded 2003 1999
Free Version Yes No
Question Types 20+ 12
Picture Questions Question & Answer Question Only
Email Notifications Yes Yes
Reporting Fully Customizable w/Filters Fully Customizable w/Filters
Types Surveys/Polls/Quizzes Surveys Only
Plans Monthly/Yearly Yearly
Themes 40+ 8

Can I add pictures and video to my Survey?

We support picture and video questions. Simply click the image icon on a question or answer and you'll see the advanced editor which allows you to upload both images and link to videos.

Can I see Survey Examples?

You can view a range of survey templates here.

How do I make an online Survey?

Simply add your questions above in the editor. Browse through various tabs to control the look, feel and behavior of your survey. Hit the Share tab when you're ready to view your Survey.

Why should I use Survey Maker?

It's simple, with our online survey maker you'll spend your time focussing on results and less time fiddling with survey creators. A 15 question survey takes a few minutes from creation to results collection. No programming, no training or pouring through support articles just point and click. Question logic, integration and automated reminders all that stuff is easy, you've totally got this.

How do I make my Survey a success?

It's heartbreaking working on a survey only to have zero responses! It's also the biggest problem you'll face when running your survey. We've prepared 9 things you need to do to make your survey crush.
The simplicity of the platform has allowed us to focus on insights and learning from feedback. We've seen higher response rates and engagement which has led to greater confidence in our data.
Marissa Aveyard
Smiling Survey Maker Customer in Blue Sweater
Online Survey Results

Publish your Survey in Minutes
See Response Rates Skyrocket

It literally takes minutes to create and publish beautiful, cross device compatible online surveys that are built from the ground up to drive higher response rates. Add your questions, adjust the look and feel and you're ready to collect survey responses. Your survey works automatically on mobiles, tablets and can run directly on our site or be embedded and run on yours. Tailor the look and feel to match your branding and integrate your responses to flow directly into your software. If you're not ready in minutes we're here to help so get in touch.

Build a Survey that Crushes

With more than 15 million survey responses since 2003 we've run thousands of tests optimizing our surveys for response rates. Survey elements are easier to read, buttons more engaging and the mobile experience amazing. Our default options are set based on experiments that have shown the highest response rates. All this means you simply add your questions and you've got the most scientifically optimized survey. If you have to create an online survey you might as well create one that crushes.

Survey Themes
Survey Graphs

Find Actionable Information Easily

We've been trusted by companies like Coca Cola, Hewlet Packard and KPMG because we take data privacy seriously and have a proven track record nearing 2 decades of large data collection. From a simple email update of responses to advanced filter and multi segment analysis you'll find the information you're looking for effortlessly. CSV and Excel Exports or pretty charts and graphs, it's all there and simple to use.

Quizzes, Certificates, Leaderboards and Online Tests

Want to assign a certificate to staff completing an induction survey and automatically grade results? Want to use a survey to capture email leads? Typical survey creators can't do that but we offer it and much much more. Our platform allows you to score, grade or even assign personality types automatically. Create content which engages your audience, some of our clients have used to generate over $1.3 million in revenue from a single quiz.

Survey Certificate of Completion
Smiley Question Type

Every question type

Create your own template, access hundreds of custom plugins and themes and integrate directly into your website. Smileys, Net Promoter Score, Matrixes and every other question type under the sun. Make it easy for your participants to provide you with exactly the data you need by asking your question in clear intuitive formats.

9 Things You Need to Do to Make Your Survey Crush!

Don't invest all your time creating a survey only to have no one respond. Research shows low response rates are a serious issue for online surveys. We've reviewed the research and lean on our 10 year+ experience to help ensure your survey is a success. We've also set our default options to cover the basics so no need to optimize a survey when it's built on our platform.

Keep it Short

A study of 25,080 web surveys found a direct relationship between survey length and response rates. Keep your questions short, concise and aim for your survey to take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. Use survey logic to avoid asking unnecessary questions. Ask yourself what you intend to do with the information an answer provides. The aim of a question is to help you make more informed decisions not collect information.


Multiple Choice & Checkboxes

The same 2017 study of 25,080 web surveys found higher response rates to multiple choice questions over open ended and other types, particularly for the first question. Avoid matrix questions as they're essentially multiple questions in one.

1 Question at a Time

Showing only a single question at a time minimizes the perceived immediate effort of completing your survey. We've seen 20%+ increases in response rates by changing this single setting.


No Progress Bars

The first thing a respondent will do when loading your survey is quickly scan how long it will take to complete. If you've followed the steps above and you don't display a progress bar respondents are far more likely to simply begin responding. Your goal in survey design is to make it as easy as possible for respondents to answer the questions you're asking.

Personalize and Pre-contact

Personalize your survey invitations and write to the vested interest of your participants. If possible, contact your participant in person to let them know you're sending an email for a serious improvement in response rates. People are more likely to respond to an email from organizations they belong to and people they know.


Tell them Why

"A well-known principle of human behavior says that when we ask someone to do us a favor we will be more successful if we provide a reason." Professor Robert Cialdini
Provide your respondents with a strong reason for taking your survey in your invitation. Let them know what you intend to do with their feedback.

Conduct Experiments

Providing you have a large enough base of potential participants test out different email titles, survey lengths and question design before going live to your entire distribution list. Our experience has shown that short titles like 'How did we do?' perform significantly better than longer less personal titles like 'Customer Satisfaction Survey'. Progress bars also lowered response rates. Your goal in survey design is to make it as easy as possible for respondents to answer the questions you're asking.


Update Contacts and Send Reminders

Reminders significantly improve survey response rates. No more than 3 reminders, sent around a week apart appear optimal. According to Yesware's analysis of 500,000 emails the best time of day to send your email is around 6am. If possible consider following up with other mediums like phone and social media.

Let them Respond via Phone

We've optimized our platform for mobile simply because its the device most people use to browse the web. If someone can complete your survey smoothly on a mobile in a few minutes you're very well prepared.


Incentives Work

Incentives do increase response rates to surveys but there are a few simple guidelines. An incentive provided immediately upon completion will yield the greatest impact and a $5 reward works significantly better than a $1 reward so be generous. Our survey maker allow you to add custom thank you messages which can be used to provide various types of incentives like coupons and prizes.

Connect to 1000+ Business Apps

Under the settings tab of the editor you'll find an 'Integrate' tab. From here you can easily integrate your survey data into more than 1000 business applications via Zapier. You might simply want to be notified by email each time someone completes your survey or you may want to identify when participants respond with certain answers to identify important business priorities.

Integrate into your website

Your survey can look and feel exactly like a part of your website but be managed within our dashboard. This means you can also utilize our free online survey maker anytime you need to listen to your visitors, add a feedback form to your website that includes question logic or simply as a polling tool.

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Custom Branding

Keep your workload light and seamlessly integrate with thousands of platforms via Zapia. Want to automate email reminders to increase survey completion? We've got you covered. Focus on the feedback not moving data around.

In our agency we create multiple surveys a day and we've used all the major platforms. You guys are just the fastest way for us to get good data"
Dr Sharon Xuereb
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