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Vote for your favorite adventure location and map (vote for up to 8)
Abandoned Mine at Drakes Bite Gorge - Rudy Gauthier
The Bowels - Jeff Collins
The East Wing - Stephen Kosey
Day Market and Night Market - Bryce Cahill
Canto Residence - Dylan Topping
Thunder-Rock Island - Max Atkins
Kingsvale - Jaimee Kimberley
Embracing Bower Monastery & Skinfin Grotto - Nicholas Hite
Evermist Summit - Chris Harrell
Lawrence’s Lists - Nikolaï Samarine
Wealwood Manor - Nathan Ross
The Sporewood - Chris Dailey
The Forsaken Mission - Matt Roth
Shrine of the Obsidian Spider - Joe Kondrak
The Town of Roswin - Jeffrey Scott Nuttall