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Choose your 5 favorites minigames from Mario Party 3
Treadmill Grill
Ice Rink Risk
Parasol Plummet
Messy Memory
Picture Imperfect
Curtain Call
Cheep Cheep Chase
Snowball Summit
Toadstool Titan
Aces High
Bounce 'n' Trounce
Chip Shot Challenge
Mario's Puzzle Party
The Beat Goes On
Water Whirled
Frigid Bridges
Awful Tower
Pipe Cleaners
Rockin' Raceway
Coconut Conk
Spotlight Swim
Boulder Ball
Crazy Cogs
Hide and Sneak
River Raiders
Tidal Toss
Hand, Line and Sinker
Ridiculous Relay
Thwomp Pull
Eatsa Pizza
Baby Bowser Broadside
Cosmic Coaster
Puddle Paddle
Log Jam
Pump, Pump and Away
Hyper Hydrants
Picking Panic
Etch 'n' Catch
Slot Synch
Stacked Deck
Three Door Monty
Slap Down
Locked Out
All Fired Up
Storm Chasers
Eye Sore
Vine With Me
Popgun Pick-Off
End of the Line
Baby Bowser Bonkers
Silly Screws
Crowd Cover
Tick Tock Hop
Bowser Toss
Motor Rooter
Fowl Play
Winner's Wheel
Hey, Batter, Batter!
Bobbing Bow-loons
Doorie Dip
Swinging with Sharks
Swing 'n' Swipe
Stardust Battle
Dizzy Dinghies
Game Guy's Lucky 7
Game Guy's Magic Boxes
Game Guy's Roulette
Game Guy's Sweet Surprise