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The Survey Maker Story

It's Simple! Just Build Great Survey Tools

We let a simple belief guide the development of our website. Build the best tool for the job. Everything we do is guided by this idea of finding a problem and producing a simple, effective solution. The best solution is certainly open to interpretation but we believe it's easy to use, does what you expect it to and does it reliably. We try to limit the impact of bias by testing everything and letting you guide the development of the best solution. We realize we'll never implement the perfect solution so we constantly improve, test and refine.

The History

Our story began in 2003 when our founding partners spent a year building Pulseware Enterprise Feedback Management, the original version of what you see before you. We were fortunate enough to gain the trust of some fantastic customers very early on like Nissan and many of the local Australia govt. agencies which were crucial in helping us guide our development and focus on simplicity and stability. Over the past decade our customers continue to surprise us in finding new ways to utilize our survey platform in everything from psychometric evaluations to viral quizzes and lead generation. We're still a privately owned Australian business operating primarily out of Sydney with a now long history operating online. We sincerely value feedback so if you're thinking of it go ahead and reach out to us.